19 November 2018
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A Kenyan man was arrested over brutally beating his wife because of late dinner

The photos of a badly hurt woman went viral across the social media for the last 24 hours. Ms Valarie Masibo, 29 years old received a thorough beating from her husband who came home drunk.
Mr Naftal Luzeno 26 beat his wife after giving her $5 for supper and found out that the food wasn’t ready when he arrived at home. Neighbours said that this couple have been having fights several times.
That wasn’t the first time when he beat her. He beat her using a piece of wood that left her face severely hurt.
The three months pregnant woman has been married for five months with this man. According to his neighbours, there has never been peace among them since they settled down.
The neighbours rescued this woman and took her to Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital where she received treatment. The suspect was arrested and is being held at Yamumbi Police station in Eldoret.
Mr Luzeli her works at a slaughter house in town. The woman was discharged from the hospital and is getting better. She is expected to go for checkups to monitor how she is doing.
This incident occurred after a man had just been sentenced to 12 years in prison after beating his wife thoroughly.

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Dorine Otinga
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