Of course, if you are planning to do weight loss you must have done good research on the internet as a beginner to how to lose weight and which exercise and diet plan are best for the beginners to weight loss. I bet that you must have heard about the Keto diet plan somewhere.  Keto diet is famous wide-reaching for cutting weight and refining the health. Here in this article, we will get you all the information concerning of Keto diet plan.

What is Keto Diet?

A ketogenic diet is popularly known as Keto diet is a very low carb, medium protein and high-fat diet plan which help you to burn fat easily and offers many health benefits, nowadays it has been recommended by many doctors and dietician.

In Ketogenic diet, Carbohydrates is replaced by the fat in the body, the reduction of Carbs situates our body into a metabolic state called ketosis. When this transformation occurs in the body, your body becomes highly efficient to burn fat for energy. It also helps to turn fat into ketones in the liver which can source energy to the brain.

Many studies and research has been conducted on the Keto diet plan and it has been proved that it helps to lose weight 2 times more than any regular diet and also add benefits in health conditions.

Types of keto diet plan

There are few versions of ketogenic diet plan

1. Standard Ketogenic Diet: This version includes very low carbs, medium level of protein and high-fat diet. It keeps the ration 75% fat, 20% protein and 5% carbs in the meal.

2.  Cyclical Ketogenic Diet: In this version of the keto diet, after an interval of five consecutive days of a keto diet, two days includes the intake of high carb.

3. Targeted Ketogenic Diet:  This diet gives permission to intake of carbs at the time of workouts.

4. High Protein Ketogenic Diet: This version of the diet is similar to standard ketogenic diet but includes a large amount of protein in the meal. The ratio can be 60% fat, 35% protein, and 5% carbs.

Standard Ketogenic diet and a high protein diet plan have been studied widely. Other two type of diet plan are of very high levels and it is normally followed by bodybuilder or athletes.

In this article, we have focused on Standard Ketogenic Diet plan only.

Who should avoid the Keto diet?

The person who is on medication of diabetes, high blood pressure should avoid this diet plan. The doctor’s advice is needed to be considered in such cases. The breastfeeding woman can ignore this diet plan as well.

Foods to eat in the keto diet plan

You can plan your meal on below-listed foods.

Food for fats: To keep diet healthy the fat is a very significant role player. You should be careful before selecting fat food, try to avoid packaged food.

Best healthy fat food items

1.    Eggs

2.    Organ meats.

3.    Ghee

4.    Coconut oil and Coconut butter

5.    Nuts and seeds

6.    Palm oil and Avacod oil

7.    Wild-caught seafood

8.    Avocados

9.    Macadamia nuts and Macadamia nuts oil.

Food for protein: In a keto diet plan, protein has its own place, it should be consumed nearly 25%-30% in a meal. The best sources of proteins are animal products.

Best healthy protein food items

1.    Fatty fishes.

2.    Whole eggs

3.    Chicken, turkey or duck

4.    Organ meats

5.    Cheese

6.    Grass-fed butter and cream

7.    Pork

8.    Oysters, crab, lobster etc

Food for Carbohydrates: As we mentioned in the starting of this article, its low carb diet hence the intake carb should be at minimum level. Mainly the veggies are the sources of the carbohydrates.

Best options for carbohydrates

1.    Onion

2.    Mushrooms

3.    Cucumber

4.    Cauliflower

5.    Includes all leafy greens

6.    Broccoli

7.    Brussels sprouts

8.    Raspberries

9.    Black barriers

10.    Chia seeds and flax seeds

From the above food items, the person can make the weekly or fortnight meal plan to lose weight. Here in this article, we have provided you the basic idea about the keto diet. For more meal plan and information of keto diet plan keep visiting our site.


Keto diet is good for the people who are overweight or who want to improve the metabolic condition. This diet will work great if you will keep consistency. It helps to remove many diseases as well.

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