19 November 2018
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A man makes a solar car to protect the environment in Kenya

A young man in Kenya shocked the world when climate changes pushed him to make a solar car. Simon Karumbo is a young man who lives in Eldoret Kenya, Langas estate. He is a former student of Kitale National Polytechnic College.
Simon realized that the motorists were spending a lot of money to purchase petrol which they used as a source of fuel. He was eager to end that agony and decided to come up with a solar car. His vehicle uses solar energy to run and the energy can also provide home lighting and charge mobile phones.
It took Simon a period of four months to complete this project. The vehicle is able to carry a maximum of two people. Karumbo plans to commercialize this project by making the cars available to his local market if he gets support.
Karumbo is still working on improving the car and making it better. He thinks it is the most cost effective car and also friendly to the environment as it does not emit smoke. Karumbo used scrap mental to make the car.
It also has a large solar panel at the back and another one on top. He has placed another solar panel in front so that it can provide lighting. The solar panels collect energy which is then converted into electronic energy. It is then stored in batteries that help to drive the vehicle.

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Dorine Otinga
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