Our mission

“Komorebi” is a Japanese word that does not translate into any other language. It means sunlight through the trees. Like the word “komorebi” we hope to shed light on events and ways of life all over the globe.

The Komorebi Post seeks to unite cultures. Well known and lesser known writers contributing to the Komorebi Post from every part of the world. Every writer provides news from their country on topics such as local or nationwide news, health, or sports.

“Komorebi” Means Sunlight Through the Trees

We Believe in Freedom of Expression

The Komorebi Post strongly believes in independent information gathered by individuals with different points of view. This is not the case that we consider the views of our organization as well as those of our individual writers. This is crucial to the realization of a goal.



If you would like to give us feedback about us, please contact us at komorebipost@gmail.com . We would be happy to correct any inaccuracies you may have noticed. Though we have many writers who speak English as their second language, we strive as many grammars and spells as possible.



CEO / Founder

Antonio Albano


Valorie Broderick