by Antonio Albano
Komorebi post is an independent plaform that provides a human approach to news and promotes coverage on untold stories of contemprary global issues. We choose Komorebi for it’s unique meaning, the word is Japanese and it means sunlight through the trees. We hope that our content like Komorebi sheds some light on Personal and cross-cultural insights.


We relay on a network of freelance journalists and contributers who narrate their realities from difficult corners of the globe and with unheard voices in mainstream media from Kenya, Zimbabwe, Singapore to India, Philippines, United states, Gaza Stripe in Palestine, Syria and Austarila.

Together, we want to take advantage of the internet and present unheard voices and realities via Feature Stories, Interviews, Videos, Photography, Art and more.


Our Editorial team

Our editorial team is culturaly diverse.

Antonio Albano, the founder of Komorebi post, studied Computer Science at the university of Pisa-Italy. Antonio sailed across the world and is passionate about different cultures, photography and wine.

Reem Abd Ulhamid, Editor in Chief: Independent journalist, held various media positions in MENA region, particularly in Palestine such as: journalist, web editor, documentary researcher and media researcher. Posses a master’s degree in Global Communications and a BA in journalism.