Parents of today are blaming video game for their kid’s behavior. Video games are supposed to be fun, make you rage, also sometimes bring people together to build friendships. Video games are not what causing the kids to misbehave, you have game like GTA 5, or Tom Clancy Ghost Recon, etc. How many of you ever played with a little kid they start to cuss over the microphone if you’re in a group chat with you? Or How many parents have bought a console without even parental guidance?
Video games is not what is causing the kids to misbehave but the lack of discipline. The government has it made where kids have the right to do anything. This problem is what maybe causing school shootings. Take a moment to think, if kids are shooting up school what was their homelife like. Also take another moment to realize kids need to be punish by their parents. People are parent shaming them for getting on to your kids, how did you raise your own kid? Did you punish them or not?
If parents would stop shaming other parents to to help them and focus on what the future will bring to our children. The government need to leave parents alone too. The system is so messed up that is focus on parents that really try to be good parents to the kids, yet they don’t do nothing for when a kid in a bad situation they don’t seem to care. My friends I want to let you in on this, if you prove to the government and CDS people that you care about your kids and that you don’t leave visual mark on your kids, punish them. It not the video game fault, it the parents who don’t watch their kids playing the game.

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