Italian Nightclub Tragedy: Victims Trampled by Crowd

Italian Nightclub Tragedy: Victims Trampled by Crowd

A mother (39) and five teens, ages 14 to 16, died after being trampled underfoot at an Italian nightclub in Corinaldo. Pepper spray is believed to have incited the deadly stampede. Like the mother who died while attending with her daughter, many parents had accompanied their children to attend the platinum record winning, Sfera Ebbasta’s, rap concert.

Panic fills Italian nightclubpepper spray

At the club, celebration and joy was displaced by mass panic and confusion. People fled in a fury for their lives. Deputy Prime Minister, Luigi Di Maio, commented on Facebook that it is absurd for people to die like this. His view is shared by all those who commiserate over these senseless deaths.

The Government will work to piece together what happened. Those responsible will be identified. De Maio wrote: “The Italian government will clarify the dynamics of the story (if all security measures were followed) and we will identify those responsible: a hug and a thought to the families of the victims and to all the wounded.

Asia Nasoni, 14 anni, di Senigallia; Daniele Pongetti, 16 anni, di Senigallia; Benedetta Vitali , 15 anni, di Fano;…

Geplaatst door Luigi Di Maio op Zaterdag 8 december 2018


Senigallia and Jesi are also treating some victims in their hospitals. Some security officers have been taken to the barracks, where they will be interrogated. Safety exits are also being evaluated. There is much speculation that the club was filled beyond capacity, with more people in attendance than were allowed by safety regulations.

In these days that anticipate the Christmas holidays, we remember those who are gone and the families affected by the pain of such inexcusable deaths.

Holiday Layoffs Feared by Many Italian Workers

Holiday Layoffs Feared by Many Italian Workers

The next holiday will be without waste. Like every new year, prices increase and holiday layoffs are expected. Christmas and New Year bring many worries for those who live in the uncertainty of the workplace.

Bad news from the media and workers’ associations

Assolavoro has already announced that starting in January 2019 there will be 53 thousand people who will not be able to work. In fact, through the employment agencies, they will have reached 24 months of employment, the maximum for fixed-term work.

Many workers will remain unemployed because of the decree of dignity. Meanwhile, the GDP is growing. Yet the third recession in Italy seems to beat the door. Recall that Assolavoro is the National Association of Employment Agencies.

The Assolavoro information

Assolavoro highlights that it would be important to act in favor of the workers, because no positive sign has arrived. Federmeccanica intervenes in this regard and in relation to its investigations, states: “With reference to the Decree of Dignity, 30% of companies in the metalworking sector will not renew, on the expiration date, existing fixed-term contracts.”

The bad situation will affect everyone. It will especially affect older workers, who will find themselves at home, with little chance of being hired, despite years of accumulated experience. On the other hand, young Italians will not see a rosy future either.

Holiday layoffs are a symptom of a larger problem

Even those who graduate college will not be safe from unemployment. Certainly not because there is no desire to adapt to a job, but because there are few companies that take and many that close.

Another Italian paradox is that we accept interns and apprentices to gain support from the state, yet, at the same time, we need experience. Graduates are not able to learn how to work. In the Italian school, the laboratories are less and less.

The possibility remains of expatriation, young talents leave Italy, disappointed and abandoned to themselves. When will it be possible to solve this serious problem?

Spastic Weather Approaching Italy

Spastic Weather Approaching Italy

Today more than ever, the climatic changes happen abruptly. Meteorologists are not always able to make clear predictions. Certainly, the climate is changing thanks to smog and global warming. Spastic weather is ahead for Italy.

What will the spastic weather be like?

Scientists and researchers have warned that even in this first week of December, many will experience climate anomalies. Up until the weekend it is expected to be hot, with temperatures that could reach 20 degrees Celsius in the south of Italy.

Around Dec. 8, the day dedicated to the Immaculate Conception, Italy will suffer a sharp drop in temperatures and will even become arctic. First there will be high pressure of tropical origin, which will extend to every region. But it will be followed by bad weather, with rain – even if only mild.

Two anticyclones

Two anticyclones will hit Italy. The first will hit the center-south and will bring rain the first half of the week. The second will affect the center starting on Dec. 6. This will come with fog, up to Umbria and Lazio, as well as in the Po Valley.

The temperatures will rise, especially in the south, where there will be some sky cover. It will then go below 10 degrees Celsius. The weekend will be met with frost and with a polar perturbation, according to Antonio Sanò director and founder of

Polar perturbation for the day of the Immaculate Conception. Italians usually decorate their houses and prepare Nativity scenes and Christmas trees on this day. The Christmas spirit, maybe even some snow, is arriving.

The Third Age Begins at 75 Years for Italians

The third age is the golden years between retirement and  health decline. Until a few days ago, the third age began at 65 years. Since yesterday it is no longer so. The Geriatrics Society has moved the age forward for which a person “should” become elderly. In fact, they have highlighted that the average life has lengthened and remains longer. Will it be so?

The third age transformed

In Italy, a new consideration has led the Geriatric Society to raise the threshold for the years which we consider ourselves elders. Before the age of 75, we can no longer define ourselves as old. Almost 700 thousand Italians have been considered young since yesterday.

Cute elderly couple dancing at home

Niccolò Marchionni, who teaches at the University of Florence and directs the cardiovascular department of the Careggi Hospital, has announced that a person aged 65 years is physically and cognitively comparable to a 40-45 year old from thirty years ago.

In Italy, we are back to young

Both men and women of our time, compared to thirty years ago are now rejuvenated a decade. There are exceptions, however. Each region has its own history and much depends on the Italian city in which one lives. The health of body and mind has been evaluated more rigorously than it had been a few decades ago.

elderly bike riding happily

There are not a few people in their 80s who say they feel good and show it with physical prowess every day. Marchionne revealed 65 as the age of retirement for the Hapsburgs of the early 1900s. In Italy there is an average life expectancy of 85 years for women and 82 for men.

Lifestyles are different from the past and even the elderly are a resource for the country and not a burden as many may think. What will the seventy-year-olds say when, one day, they find themselves to be considered young? We are all young at any age if we are assisted by health.

Will this be a way to raise the retirement age legally?

Child Abuse: Teacher Arrested in Milan

Child Abuse: Teacher Arrested in Milan

News of this kind should not be read. In the days before Christmas, in which goodness and love are exalted, mistreatment does even more harm. Unfortunately, it happened in Pero, Milan. The whole of Italy is horrified, for the acts of child abuse a kindergarten teacher inflicted on the children entrusted to him by parents with utmost confidence.

Teacher beat and kicked children

It’s just like you read, it’s not a false story unfortunately. A nursery school teacher in Milan kicked and beat the little ones he had to take care of. The teacher is now under house arrest, after the incident was caught on hidden cameras.

Police have verified that  the teacher committed 42 acts of violence towards the children, who were between the ages of two and five.The incident occurred in Pero, where the teacher grabbed the children by the collar of their aprons or by the arms, before shoving, kicking and spanking them.

At the same time the teacher shouted at the little guests: “Have you finished?” and “Do you want dad? I’ll give it to you … “ and “Go ahead!” The crying of the little ones subjected to child abuse could be heard on video.

The cameras showed, without any doubt, him pulling their ears and forcing them away from their beds. There is also footage of the little ones sitting on the floor in a circle and the teacher kicking a little guest’s head.

This is a bad example of Italian teaching. Fortunately, in Italy it is not the norm.

Judge of the Court of the Lombard City issues arrest warrant

The Milan Public Prosecutor intervened against the teacher. Afterwards, the investigating judge of the Court of Milan issued the arrest warrant. Now he is in custody under house arrest.

There are no words, just so much pain. The kindergarten, where parents confidently left their children on their way to work, had become a place of violence. In Italy and in the whole world such news hurts because the weakest are always affected by it.