14 November 2018

Author : Lama El Banna

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Opinion Palestine

The Balfour Declaration – Responsible for Upheaval of Palestine

Lama El Banna
The Balfour declaration, which was issued on Nov. 2, 1917 is a most controversial and disturbing declaration, which has changed the history of Palestine. The provocative declaration has impacted the peace of Palestine and resulted in the mass execution and displacement of their people. 4th November 2017 London United Kingdom:-
Palestine World News

Cryptocurrency – the Future of Palestine

Lama El Banna
What is Cryptocurrency? First, let’s talk about what cryptocurrency is. Cryptocurrency is a digital currency which is designed as a medium of money exchange. To verify and secure transactions, it uses cryptography. Cryptography controls or secures the new unit creations of a particular cryptocurrency. Fundamentally, the cryptocurrency is the entries
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