14 November 2018

Author : Mouez Benrejeb

Mouez Benrejeb
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Media and journalist at NEFZAWA FM KEBILI Mouez is an accredited correspondent for international news agencies, Diplomatic adviser, and founding member of the Voice of Nafzwa Association. Arab and African champions in athletics. Communications Engineer.

First Regional Forum for Environmental Justice Organized for Gafsa, Tunisia

Mouez Benrejeb
Why environmental issues are important to Gafsa The Gafsa region is considered one of the areas that suffers great environmental damage because of industrial activity. This activity is mainly due to the phosphate companies and the Tunisian chemical complex, which since they are concentrated in the basin of mining, have
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Benghazi to Shake Off the Dust of War and Launch a Festival of Taste

Mouez Benrejeb
Benghazi is in the frame of activating the tourism and commercial movement within the city after liberation from terrorism. It supports the aspirations of visitors keen to head the Festival of Taste in Benghazi. The Festival of Taste is as distinctive as it is important The festival of taste is
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