15 November 2018
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Benghazi to Shake Off the Dust of War and Launch a Festival of Taste

Benghazi, Libya Festival of Taste
Benghazi is in the frame of activating the tourism and commercial movement within the city after liberation from terrorism. It supports the aspirations of visitors keen to head the Festival of Taste in Benghazi.

The Festival of Taste is as distinctive as it is important

The festival of taste is one of the most important events in Libya to activate the trade movement between food companies and food restaurants in the city of Benghazi.
Busnav seeks to achieve several interests, including: to make Benghazi an outlet and tourist destination for residents and visitors to the city, the creation of entertainment, and making the festival a comprehensive family destination. In addition to being a real and appropriate opportunity it will result in the periodically  all the activities of restaurants and food companies
The Taste Festival also represents an important date for the management of restaurants and food companies to discuss business opportunities and implement services.
The festival targets mainly the following sectors: catering companies, natural juices, sweets and chocolates, coffee and tea suppliers, nuts dealers, and other food companies.
The festival lasts for three days, filled with unprecedented fun and family events
Boshnaff expects at least 4,000 visitors to attend the festival and a wide media coverage of local, international, radio and television networks.
The marketing plan for the festival will depend mainly on social care companies and channels, in addition to newspaper and radio, as well as cooperation with the official channels of the state.

At the end of Bushnav

Libya will also transfer the festival to the city of Tripoli. Most important of all, if it weren’t for the help of the security services, the Benghazi municipality, the General Electricity Company and the shepherds, this festival would not have happened.
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Mouez Benrejeb

Mouez Benrejeb

Media and journalist at NEFZAWA FM KEBILI Mouez is an accredited correspondent for international news agencies, Diplomatic adviser, and founding member of the Voice of Nafzwa Association. Arab and African champions in athletics. Communications Engineer.

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