No gym?  Don’t sweat it!

No equipment? Don’t worry!

Here at Komorebi post, we got you covered with this no equipment home cardio workout. 

You don’t need expensive workout machines to do a cardio routine from the comfort of your home. 

Doing your cardio exercises at home is an excellent way of saving money as well as offering you convenience. A great cardio exercise doesn’t need fancy equipment or lots of space for working out. Just put together some fitness routine with effective cardio exercises and add a little creativity. 

Below are some home cardio exercises that you can try at any time or place.• Jumping Jack

This great cardio exercise helps you burn the right amount of calories in the body. You are only required to repeatedly jumpwith your feet wide apart while moving your arms overhead and back again. It is estimated that a person burns almost 100 calories in 10 minutes of the jumping jack. You don’t need any special skills or equipment to try this out. • Push-Ups

This cardiovascular exercise is commonly known among people. You start in a plank position with your feet on the ground and hands under your shoulder. Move your body from the ground and press your back up until your elbows are straight. In case you find it hard doing push-ups, put your knees on the ground, lower your upper body and ensure that you maintain a straight line from your shoulders to your knees. When moving to the ground ensure that you lower your upper body entirely until your nose is close to the ground. • Squat Jumps

Squat jump is a high impact, high-intensity workout that requires one to have strong joints and a healthy heart. To start, ensure that your feet are hip-width apart. Push your hips back and bend your knees to lower into a squat position. Jump as high as you can and make sure that you land softly to avoid injuries. So, you explosively jump, then you immediately squat down to jump again. Others 0use their hands to assist them in jumping higher. Do a 1 minute of squat jumps then rest for a minute and continue for 10 minutes.• Mountain Climbers

Lie on the floor in a plank position with your body balancing on your wrists. Ensure that your lower back is arched and bend your left knee towards your chest. Hold this pose for 1 minute, return to the normal position and repeated this using the right leg. This cardiovascular exercise helps in burning calories, strengthening your muscles, improving your circulation levels as well as tones your abs and thighs. • High Knees

High knees is another cardio exercise that one can easily do at home without any equipment. Start by keeping your feet apart, lift your left leg and bend your knee. Aim to get your knee parallel with your hip or higher. Jump and switch to the right leg. One should do at least 50 high knee exercises back and forth.

In conclusion, a cardiovascular workout should be fast paced to maintain the intensity of your exercise. When one takes frequent breaks, you’re giving your heart and lungs time to catch up.

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