19 November 2018

Category : Italy

Diet and Nutrition Italy

Italy’s Adnkronos Group Reports Alcohol More Lethal Than Smoking

Eleonora Boccuni
Alarming trend in alcohol use among young people According to an article published earlier this month by the Adnkronos Group (AG), alcohol kills more Italians than smoke or drugs. Alcohol is a psychotropic substance. From 2008 to 2017, according to the article, it has caused 435 thousand deaths in Italy.

Plastic Found in Human Feces in 8 Countries, Including Italy

Eleonora Boccuni
Plastic pollutes our body  “The smallest particles can contaminate the blood and end up in the liver” Tiny particles of polymers are passed down the food chain, probably from ingesting food or liquids containing plastic residues. The conclusion of the researchers? Shocking: “Microplastics could be present in 50% of the
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