For millennia, chocolate is thought to be the gift from the gods which brought people astounding effects. Thought to be an aphrodisiac at first, the Aztecs were the first to utilize this wonder. It originally was prepared to become drinks that provided strength among the people and then progressed to become a popular beverage throughout society – from the upper class to the common people.
As this product became a phenomenon that conquered the world, advancements and researches in the study of this wonder bean were also conducted. As we all know, chocolate nowadays has been deemed to be a harbinger of bad things such as high blood pressure, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, and the most commonly entailed disease diabetes mellitus.
While it does have its reputation for having high fat and sugar content, chocolate does not only bring negative consequences. Recent studies provided results showing that chocolate can provide a significant impact on the health of an individual.
It was found that eating chocolate has a strong association with the cognitive functions of an individual. In the study, a sample size of just under 1,000 people were given tests and were grouped in groups eating chocolate at least once a week versus those eating less chocolate in a week. The test showed that individuals eating chocolate once a week affected their mean scores, and gave them higher results compared to those that ate less chocolate.
While this study suggests a direct correlation with chocolate and brain function, the researchers do not imply to stuff people’s mouths with chocolate – this only advices people on the healthy benefits of eating chocolate, and that regulation of chocolate intake is still a matter to be considered. Eat small amounts of chocolate, but do not use it entirely for your daily intake and substitute for a balanced healthy diet.

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