Why is there an economic and political crisis in Venezuela? Crisis, poverty, violence, scarcity. All those words describe the current situation in Venezuela.

The Government of Nicolás Maduro does not find a way to recover calm in the streets, and every day hundreds of Venezuelans leave the country without plans to return. How did they get to this situation?

There are 4 the main reasons for the accumulation of Venezuela having a war between them.

1st-Oil fall

. The Venezuelan economy depends on the sale of crude oil. Between 2013 and 2014, the international price per barrel exceeded $ 100, but in 2016 it reached $ 26, the lowest level in the last 12 years.

2nd-Political crisis

The opposition ensures that Venezuela lives a dictatorship. This Friday, the chavista Constituent National Assembly signed a decree dissolving the opposition majority parliament. The Chavez regime has governed since 1999. Hugo Chávez won four trials, three of which were questioned by the opposition

3rd-Food scarcity

As the State has less and less money, it can no longer pay for the importation of certain products such as milk, flour, eggs and some medicines. That’s why the shelves of many stores are empty. The images of the long lines outside the bakeries and of the stores with almost products for sale are already famous.

4th-Surrounding the media.

“In 2016, all the conditions of the exercise of journalism in Venezuela were compromised and were infiltrated to restrict this office, to a greater or lesser extent,” said a recent report published by the Press and Society Institute of Venezuela (IPYS). The opposition has complained for more than a decade that Chavismo has cut press freedom in the country (and continues to do so).

These are the reasons from the Venezuela Crisis.


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