It is no secret to anyone that there is currently a strong exodus of Venezuelans thanks to the current situation in the country caused by the incompetence of President Nicolás Maduro, however, knowing this problem, as almost 10 percent of the population has abandoned their country due to the despair caused by the situation.

On the other hand Venezuelans already have the fourth place in being the citizens who ask for more asylum, with a number of 111,600 only last year, it is something really unsettling as it goes to overcome countries in conflict like Iraq and sets among others as Afghanistan and Syria

Thanks to this crisis many Venezuelans are forced to leave their country without a passport or other important documents to facilitate their arrival in the destination country, this due to the bad bureaucratic policies in Venezuela where the obtaining of the passport is almost null by regular channels and by external channels can get to charge up to $ 1000 to be able to start in the process of issuing this.

This is also compounded by the food crisis, as many Venezuelans who emigrate are parents or family mothers who are forced to leave their children in order to generate enough money to pay for food, education and health expenses, because in Venezuela it is almost impossible to just pay for the food.

As is logical to think, having to flee their country, they do it at all costs, which has made it clear how large masses of Venezuelans travel on foot through Latin America in search of better opportunities, since they left their country with only what is necessary to get to the border.


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