As a daily follow-up to the talk shows and through a deep look at the public media scene, it can simply be noted that the daily talk shows in the National TV channel have witnessed a qualitative leap in their winter programming this year. This is certainly due to the emergence of a new wave of activists, who were characterized mainly by neutrality and professionalism in dealing with the media material away from the guidance and instruction.

The media sector landscape

For example, consider # -to-media # Zina_Al-Khameiry; and #Alfa_Al-Sadeemi; or #Ready for the media # Shaker_Bashikh; in addition to the wonderful social dialogue program on Tuesday, # Your opinion_just for his craft activities (Taha is my name from my mind), and the daily quota #Home_Tunes for the media # Faten_Alusalati.
The media landscape of the National Channel is obedient and comfortable for the recipient away from the ideological assumptions that I have caused previously because of the presence of certain elements contributed to the tension and fueling the relationship between the citizen and this important public facility.
It has become clear that it is a distinct group that is seen on the public media scene and enriched by its experience, it can return to the top of all the questionnaires proposed, especially with the triviality and shallowness of the media dishes provided by the daily dish, some special channels. Indeed, the dishes tickle the bellies and do not go to the minds.
As a follower General like any of the shawl are simple even if this country is finally suffering to follow what is presented by # Dalila_Fradi_Musdy and # Iqbal_Alkabosi and # Mehrez_Gnouchi and Faten Al-Waslati and Zina Khmeri and the affinity of Khadmi and Shaker Sheikh and Habib Bujaila to follow the rift of Karai and Tamra Buglab and Tata Mary Trtqh Judge and Glath Secretary continent Msath Fihri Tquaar Wafa Chadli … # … long as you “

Mouez Benrejeb

Media and journalist at NEFZAWA FM KEBILI Mouez is an accredited correspondent for international news agencies, Diplomatic adviser, and founding member of the Voice of Nafzwa Association. Arab and African champions in athletics. Communications Engineer.

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