Komorebi Post– Education is presented from different corners around the globe and from diverse perspectives. For this theme, we posted sixteen articles presented and narrated by former teachers, journalists, activists, and bloggers.

The articles present the current challenges educational system is undergoing, including the inaccessibility of this right to more than 72 million of children over the world. Yet at the same time some articles illustrated the importance of education, for children, their families and their heroic teachers, who continue to believe in this right.  

One of the common elements of the global challenges is the deep gap between urban and rural areas in terms of educational establishments, funds, facilities, and teachers’ conditions. Minorities, rural communities in addition to children of special needs were the most fragile and disadvantaged.  

 A spark of hope is given, by children asserting their right of education despite war, displacement and unsafety. The worker children in Afghanistan who are attending after work temporary school or children in Gaza Stripe in Palestine attending evening shifts and studying on candle lights because of electricity cuts.  

I hope these articles, highlight your perspective on education, globally.

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