15 November 2018

First Regional Forum for Environmental Justice Organized for Gafsa, Tunisia

Gafsa Tunisia environmental efforts. Man holding a small tree.

Why environmental issues are important to Gafsa

The Gafsa region is considered one of the areas that suffers great environmental damage because of industrial activity. This activity is mainly due to the phosphate companies and the Tunisian chemical complex, which since they are concentrated in the basin of mining, have caused great harm in mining cities. The damage, however, is not limited to mining cities but affects cities across the state. The depletion of water wealth in the area distorted the landscape and the area became a large mouth for phosphate waste.
In response to the environmental abuse, the Tunisian Forum for Economic and Social Rights, the branch of the mining basin since its establishment in 2012, has supported most social movements with an environmental dimension. They supported, for example, movements demanding drinking water for each of the reserves. And they supported pressure on officials at the local and regional levels for the right to ensure citizens live in a pure and uncontaminated space.

Solving the problem

The organization of the first regional forum for environmental justice in the state of Gafsa on Nov. 3-4 will be an opportunity to meet the representatives of environmental movements on the basis of networking and think about mechanisms for joint action dictated by the accuracy of the stage and its seriousness. It is also an opportunity to reflect on alternatives and solutions to the environmental problems experienced by the body.
The goal is to achieve the environmental transition in accordance with the concepts of environmental justice and sustainable development, and then search for the faults and failures of the previous initiatives in relation to joint work. This is in order to then come up with a practical vision that is able to defend the right to sustainable development based on the principle of respect for the environment and the ocean. Its essence is human.

General Goals of the Forum

– To strengthen cooperation and exchange of experiences between different environmental movements in Gafsa and to discuss mechanisms of joint work.
– Thinking about preparing an advocacy campaign in relation to the CSR law.
– Think of a roadmap for joint action on one of the burning environmental issues affecting the whole body.
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Mouez Benrejeb

Mouez Benrejeb

Media and journalist at NEFZAWA FM KEBILI Mouez is an accredited correspondent for international news agencies, Diplomatic adviser, and founding member of the Voice of Nafzwa Association. Arab and African champions in athletics. Communications Engineer.

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