Sustainability is the new black. We’re starting to get a pretty good picture of our impacts on the planet. Every day more images show up featuring our beloved (yet discarded) plastic straws, toothbrushes and shopping bags. So what do we do now that we know these products don’t simply disappear when we throw them out? It’s easy to get overwhelmed. After all, change is hard. But with simple changes every pay day you can vote with your wallet to reduce harmful impacts and make this world a better place to live.

1. Ditch plastic shopping bags
Step one is to rid yourself of these nasties. In some areas legislation has already taken them out of the picture, like in Queensland where single-use plastic shopping bags were banned and a whopping 1.5 billion plastic bags never made it to landfill in the first five months alone! Get some reusable bags and keep them in the car ready to use. And don’t forget to grab some reusable produce bags too. 
2. Quit bottled water
Unless you live in an area with genuinely unsafe tap water and have no other option, buying exorbitantly priced water is ridiculous when you think about it. There’s the use of non-renewable resources in their manufacture and transport, the inevitable pollution and the dirty little secret of unsustainable water extraction to think about. Get yourself a couple of reusable bottles and give bottled water the boot. 
3. Say no to single-use plastics
Over the next few weeks stop to think about what you what you use on a regular basis. Do you regularly buy drinks with straws? While some retailers are starting to offer paper straws, many still don’t. And some people don’t like them anyway. In that case, great little kits are available these days. They usually come with a couple of metal straws and a nifty little cleaning brush. Or maybe you enjoy take-out. Get a set of cutlery at your local camping store and say no to plastic forks. Now I know… I hear you… take out night is about not having to do the dishes. But seriously, gone are the days when we could make our waste someone else’s problem. If we don’t take small steps now, we’re all going to be stuck cleaning up later.

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