Gaza – A Candle for Peace, a Flame of Hope

War kills innocent victims and creates suffering. War involves illness and destroys the hearts of mothers left without their children and children who are orphans

War synonymous with violence, synonymous with hatred, synonymous with suffering and suffering not only physical, but also of soul. Slides of faces and eyes that travel the world, the same ones who have only scoured the boundaries of their village. Looks lost in the void, like at the bottom of a tunnel without light, full of tears that, now, are struggling to get down because they’re dried up by the fear of rockets and bombs. Tears that are hidden in the rain and that descend, with a cadenced rhythm, on the tried hearts.

In this world so cutting-edge, so technological and in step with the times, there’s still the war that, in a bold way, becomes the main demolition of being. The essence as a primary good, as the feeling of loving each other, as fraternity and equality. And it’s in all this that we should understand how important it is to love one another; how important it is to reciprocally exchange gestures of altruism and, above all, to be present in moments of difficulty, therefore, extending a hand to those who need our help. To those who can’t speak because they fear; to those who listen, but don’t speak for fear; to those without strength; to those who are undernourished; to those who are exasperated; who’s only a child and has the right to live and who would only want peace in the world.

Contaminated drinking water spreads “Blue Child Syndrome”

Children who don’t know the world, but know what war is and suffer, in their sunbeds, the atrocities that this entails. The pediatric ward of the Al-Nassar hospital is a stab to the heart. Seeing those children lying on the beds and hearing their complaints is unbearable and unheard of. Several problems are found here: some suffer from severe malnutrition; who has undergone heart surgery; but, most suffer from dehydration, vomiting, fever and diarrhea. The latter considered as a real killer for children up to five years.

In recent months, there has been a sharp increase in gastroenteritis, kidney disease, pediatric cancer, marasmus and, finally, the “blue baby syndrome”, a disorder that makes lips, face and skin bluish and chocolate-colored blood.

Cases have increased considerably and, due to the emergency situation in Gaza, the cause of these diseases is attributed to non-drinking water.

In simple terms, the children of Gaza are facing a deadly epidemic of such proportions that they had never been seen before. “So much suffering. It is a matter of life and death,” reports Dr. Abu Samia.

That’s it. In addition to being scarce, it’s also contaminated, due to the economic siege of Israel, of the sudden bombardment of water infrastructure and sewage systems in poor condition and of very poor quality. Suffice it to say that 97% of Gaza’s drinking water wells are below the minimum health standards for human consumption.

People exploited and reduced to spend what little he has, to buy some “desalinated drinking water”. A sacrifice that has a considerable cost, but that is considered inevitable when you have a family and, above all, children.

The war: announced fratricide

Commenting on the apocalyptic scenarios due to wars, it seems impossible. The eyes would be enough to understand, because words would be futile. There would be too much and then, how many questions would you ask? And how many, instead, the answers to give?

Love is a marvelous thing, good among brothers, helping each other and reaching out to others: these should be the principles to be respected and with which to go on in life.

Momentarily, we can only hope that hell ends and that someone can really put the word “end” to the wars of the world, because life is good for everyone (in the same way).

Eleonora Boccuni

Eleonora Boccuni

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