14 November 2018
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Give an Hour, Gain an Hour 2018 Campaign Answer to the Problem of Loneliness in the Irish Population

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Loneliness is not something that is talked about often yet about 400,000 people are affected by in it in Ireland.

The older people are more susceptible to experiencing loneliness.

The Dublin based organization, “Making Connections,” launched a campaign called Give an Hour, Gain an Hour 2018, in which people are encouraged to give an hour of their time to an elderly person that they know. It can be an acquaintance, a neighbour or an elderly relative.

This initiative was introduced to address the following figures, which were revealed at the campaign launch. People over the age of 50 indicated that they felt lonely often and for those over the age of 75, the numbers were as high as 75%.

Mary O’Donohue, a Chief executive shared that the older generation was an untapped resource in Ireland. The campaign sheds light on the contributions of the older generation so that nuggets of knowledge can be shared with the younger generations.

According to O’Donohue , loneliness and isolation can be reduced by giving an hour and by following these steps.

Step 1: CONNECT with an older person that you know but normally don’t normally have time to meet.

Step 2: GIVE an hour of your time to this person at their home at a cinemas or a café.

Step 3: GAIN some knowledge or advice on a topic of your choice.

Step 4: POST what you learned on any social channel. This can be an image, text or a video.  

Step 5: Use the hash tag #ADVICETOMYOLDERSELF to share the nuggets of wisdom you have gained.

The experiences of older people are valuable and can help to prevent mistakes. Taking the time to learn from them helps curb loneliness while making this segment of the population an asset to others.   



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