14 November 2018
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How a Vegan Lifestyle Can Help Manage Diabetes Successfully

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Sarah Heaney

November 7, 2018

Balancing sugar levels can be a challenge for some diabetics. The findings of this study show that diabetics who follow a vegan diet may be able to manage their blood sugar levels better. According to researchers, vegan or predominantly plant-based diets can help with the management of blood sugar levels. There are also other benefits. A predominantly vegan diet also helps with the maintenance of a healthy weight among diabetic patients.

The study also found that if patients adopted a plant-based diet and also received “educational interventions”, it was possible to also improve their quality of life. This is likely the result of an improvement in the psychological well-being of the patients.

According to the study, these types of diets were able to “significantly improve psychological health and quality of life.”

The review was conducted by the University of London, the University of Northampton and East Sussex NHS Healthcare Trust. There were 11 studies that were relevant to type 2 diabetes patients in relation to plant-based diets and other diets that avoided the consumption of most or all animal products. These diets focused instead on consuming vegetables, fruits, legumes, seeds, nuts and whole grains. There were 422 participants in these studies with an average age of 55.

Another interesting finding was that these types of diets also brought cholesterol levels down, making it another reason good reason to consider a lifestyle that includes a predominantly plant based diet.  

Dr. Katarina Kos, senior lecturer in diabetes and obesity at the University of Exeter commented that the findings of this systematic review were not surprising.

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