They went around, far and wide, to look for imaginary solutions,

but then close the game exactly in the wake of the work

that the governments of PD had built“.

This is Martina‘s attack to Cinque Stelle regarding the

closing of the negotiations for the sale of Ilva.

Dear Di Maio – continues Martinaif you have only one face,

apologize to Taranto and Italy for the lies you have told and

for the falsehoods that you sold before the election campaign and even after“.
The secretary then concluded vehemently:

They confirmed the work we did and cost us this 80 million euro.

On what account do we put it, dear Di Maio, who pays? “.


To support Martina, there is also Matteo Renzi (the predecessor)

They told us thatRenzi said – we hurt the children of

Taranto and Cinque Stelle said they would close the plant,

then we know what they did: they were forced to flee

from the demonstration in Taranto“, he said the protest

against the deputy Rosalba De Giorgi occurred on 6 September,

when environmentalists took to the streets after the closing of the trade union agreement.


The President of the Puglia Region, Michele Emiliano,

comments on the various hot topics at the Fiera del

Levante of Bari in front of Di Maio

The kindness with which the Minister Di Maio has faced the whole

story is a sign of civilization that makes me hope that the minister

wants to support the battle of Puglia for the health of the tarantini

I hope that the battle to decarbonise the Ilva will become the battle

of all parties and political forces, even of all the associations disappointed

by the fact that the factory will unfortunately remain open“.

The president of the Puglia Region, Michele Emiliano,

reported on the occasion of the visit to the

Fiera del Levante of Bari of the Minister of Economic Development,

Luigi Di Maio, with whom he also spoke about the Ilva issue.

It wasn’t an easy decision and It wasn’t a decision of the Puglia Region,

but of the government – he added – I note that the factory will remain open,

we have the right that the factory will no longer kill.

We will work for this by collaborating with the government.

I told the prime minister that we had hope and confidence in all the premier successors over time. We then gave a judgment and didn’t always go well with those who disappointed us,

lack of respect, betrayed and lacked the word.

I hope that all this doesn’t happen again

he concluded – because Pugliesi and Taranto can’t bear to be betrayed again.

I continue to hope, despite the disappointment for not having been able to have better news for Taranto.

In addition, the blast furnace 5 If it is rebuilt with coal

will cause disastrous damage to the health of my fellow citizens

and so I’ll fight until the end because Afo 5 isn’t rebuilt as a coal blast furnace of 1800, but it is decarbonised”.


The speech by Deputy Premier Luigi Di Maio

About Ilva question the one obtained was the best possible

result in the worst possible conditions“, Di Maio made his debut.

He added: “They have made a lot of fun in the last three months

and I said that I wanted to study the 23,000 pages of this

competition with which the Taranto plant was assigned

to the Indian company Mittal. and they still tell me

you have wasted time.” To ascertain the legality in this country is to waste time, for me it isn’t so“.

We have passed – it has emphasized – from hundreds

of redundancies to zero redundancies and the employees

will be hired with the article 18, therefore the Jobs act doesn’t enter Ilva.

And on the environment we have obtained new filters on the chimneys,

a coverage in less time of the mining park from which the dust rises on the neighborhoods.
By next April – he recalled – half of the mining park will be covered and by the end of the year all 86 football pitches will be covered “.

And again: “In these three months one of the institutional offices with

whom I’ve collaborated effectively and in harmony is

the president of the Puglia Region, he helped

me to reconstruct many issues such as Ilva.

I remember that the first opinion of Anac was urged by Governor Emiliano“.


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