14 November 2018
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I’m Sorry

5 Essential Reasons to Say “I’m Sorry”

Apologizing doesn’t come easy and natural for most individual. We frequently get excessively wrapped up in our own particular lives and most times we need to consider how we may hurt others, regardless of whether inadvertently or intentionally. In most of these cases, genuine statement of regret isn’t just fundamental or imperative, but perhaps the main thing that can repair a generally broken relationship.

Here are the five engaging reasons to say “I’m Sorry”, if you really mean it.


  1. Helps build and assemble Respect

Most relationships are built on respect, and saying “I’m sorry” shows that you respect and have regard for someone else’s feelings.

  1. Helps you Move- on

We as human make mistakes and errors. Harboring guilt and anger isn’t good for you or anyone else. Recognizing and acknowledging your own mix-ups or errors helps you grow and proceed onward.



  1. Provides a Solid foundation

Sometimes foundations crack and need repairing. Overlooking the cracks only makes them more problematic which makes the foundation weaker. However, moving past issues or problems in a sound and healthy manner can really fortify and solidify your relationship.

  1. Brings about Integrity

Your mistake doesn’t disappear, if you don’t apologize. Presently it’s an obvious issue at hand. So therefore, accepting your mistakes makes you a better person and it helps others trust you.

  1. Shows Sincerity and Truthfulness

On the other hand, don’t apologize just to get past an issue. Nobody appreciates this. It’s like the kid who falsely sounded the alarm. The next time you say “I’m sorry” and mean it, no one will believe or trust you.

Saying “I’m sorry” is a learned behavior, and it requires some serious energy and practice simply like everything else. The best part of it is that, demonstrating empathy and sympathy for the people around you reinforces your path to being the best “you” that you can be.


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