A house is not just your abode of living but is also your respite from a stressful day at work. Whenever someone enters your home, he or she can make the difference quite readily whether it has the contemporary and chic look and feel, or is furnished with old and ethnic fixtures. Chic homes are in trend today while interior designers focus on what can be added to a house to make it look better. Chic dwellings reflect the modernity of the owner who is willing to engage in something upbeat and exciting, and he or she shows the same via his or her abode.

Home decor is like art. You just see when it is extraordinary. A lot goes into designing the perfect home and can be quite a task while turning an old house into a chic one. There are a number of trends that can be followed to give that touch to your house, and they are as follows,● Contrasting Colors – Colors play a very significant role when it comes to interior designing. Your house cannot be too bright or too dark.  You have to strike a balance by keeping in mind that no two bright or two dull colors can go together. If one wall has a maroon hue, the other walls have to be a white or the three walls of the room could be maroon leaving one wall completely blank. Monochromatic shades are timeless but can feel a bit conventional. If you have a slightly dull aesthetic arrangement, you can brighten it up with a purple or red to bring life to your room.
● Play with the lighting – While natural lighting can brighten up a room and rid it of the need of installing LEDs, you can also customize your interiors by playing with lighting. Adding layers of light one after the other can use up space in a rather empty room, and add depth to it. Accordingly, you can adjust the ambiance of the room.● Organic elements – A home can look larger or smaller thanks to the home accents or elements that you can put to use. This can include indoor trees or plants in the balcony, table accessories like a lamp or small clock, a woven rung or anything under the sun. You can also keep the clutter away and introduce handwoven rugs or small items in your room that can stay in sync with the organic theme of your design.

Your dream home requires just a little bit of effort and the right placement and fixtures to make it look chic and contemporary. You can also talk to your designer for further tips and tricks, and make your house an ethereal space for living.

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