Diabetes – an enemy which has the ability to grab you by your throat in the least you’d expect it. It is a condition to be dealt with utmost care and a close monitoring on the diet, activities – practically the individual’s lifestyle.

Contrary to popular belief, diabetes doesn’t happen in just an instant or the moment you sit down in a café and order gallons and gallons of milkshakes and other sugary drinks. This disorder can be developed or even inherited.

There are generally two types of diabetes that are diagnosed: (1) Diabetes mellitus, and (2) Diabetes insipidus. They are not related to one another, such that they are only called diabetes because they are both involved in the irregular secretion and excretion of urine. The one that is most commonly heard of when it comes to diabetes being related to sugar is called diabetes mellitus.

Diabetes mellitus or “DM” is of two types: DM1, and DM2. Among these two, Type 2 Diabetes, or DM2 is the most common. If an individual is diagnosed with this type of diabetes, then that means that the diabetes of the individual is more of an adult-onset type of diabetes where insulin is produced in lower levels or is utilized poorly by the body. Due to this reason, patients diagnosed with DM2 tend to be in the adult curve or the statistics.

Because of the great prevalence of diabetes worldwide, there have been numerous studies in to detecting whether diabetes is already developing in an individual. The most significant of all is the detection of the levels of glucose inside the body by testing the blood and also detecting whether there are glucose molecules going into the urine of a person.

Diabetes brings a great consequence for the patient which includes blindness, nerve damage, and a much more tedious lifestyle to manage. To help people in avoiding such ordeal, we are all advised to maintain a healthy weight by being physically active, eat smaller portion of healthy foods, and of course limiting time with the television, computer, and other activities that will cause you to practically “laze off” the day.

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