15 November 2018
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Italian Ministry: Arable Land for Those Who Conceive a Third Child

arable land

Free land with the third child on the way? The controversy didn’t take long to arrive

Italy, in addition to being known for its artistic, historical and natural beauty, is illustrated as a country that, over the years, has highlighted its immense and fertile agricultural wealth, which has greatly contributed to “giving its fruits “renown all over the world.

Yet from low birth rates in Italy to the huge loss of cultivable land, especially in the hills and mountains, Italy has some agricultural issues. The ministry has deepened their study of this data, creating a solution that is able to cope with these problems (not to be underestimated).

While it’s a controversial maneuver, this solution could bring benefits, because this would create more cultivated land. It would bring productivity, make the land rich in fruit, and be profitable even from the workers’ points of view.

But, as with every issue, it takes little to spark controversy with those who don’t have the same political color or who have different mentalities and / or ideologies. The purpose? The attack between opposite parties is now customary, the basis of everything. Indeed, the goal is always the same: to make a praiseworthy idea or a noble action appear degrading.

Controversy: “Free land for the third child? Bankruptcy measure”

The solution proposed by the ministry is one of providing free land to families who have a third child. This turns out to be news that creates not a few disagreements. This is testified of by the statements of Vincenza Labriola, the deputy of Forza, Italy, commenting: “At Minister Centinaio I’d like to say the Government’s proposal to give free land to families who are willing to have a third child in the years 2019-2020-2021 will fail. Because it’s wrong in the ratio .”

Does Labriola have a point?

The deputy goes on to stress that, before dwelling on the land issue, it would be more appropriate to give greater weight and importance to health, to schooling, and to those things that are the huge Italian problems. It has also been claimed that the land being given away is not arable, but is “the bottom of the barrel.”

These ideas surely create “hope.”  Granting land to those who conceive and give birth to a third child is certainly commendable. But, before that, would it not be more useful to pay the greatest attention to what the “real problems” are? Of course yes … and how? Trying to weigh every choice, trying to deal with the opinions of others and trying to create a meeting point. Given what is reported, the ministry should avoid giving unproductive land that can’t create happiness and hope.

Eleonora Boccuni

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Eleonora Boccuni

Eleonora Boccuni

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