14 November 2018

Kenyan Celebrity, Jacky Maribe’s, Bail Approved

Bail Bond. Corruption. Gavel, Handcuffs And Money.

The past few months have been quite tricky for popular Kenyan TV icon Jacky Maribe. Maribe who has been working on Citizen TV found herself in hot soup when she was spotted hosting murder suspect, Joseph Irungu.

Irungu, who is also known as Jowie, was accused of the murder of the late Monica Kimani whose body was found lying in a bathtub in her apartment.

After thorough investigation, Maribe was released on a 1 million Kenyan shillings bond while Jowie was left under police custody until the completion of the case.

Why Maribe was released

Justice Wakianga claimed that Maribe had pleaded her release since she was a single mother to her young 4-year-old son. He ordered Maribe not to read the news during that period and follow all the rules regarding the case including accepting interviews about that murder case.

Why wasn’t Irungu released?

Even though Maribe’s plea to be released on bail was accepted, Irungu was not going to be released on bail. Justice Wakianga said that there was a high possibility that he would flee the country since he had no permanent job in Kenya and had no residence. Irungu was staying with his lover Maribe at the time of the murder while other times he stayed with his friends.

Since Irungu used to work in Dubai and traveled there often, Justice Wakianga said that he might escape during the trial period. He was also not released because he could likely intimidate his witnesses as he had portrayed how dangerous he was when he killed Kimani.

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Dorine Otinga
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