The Kenyan students who sat for the final exams of the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education completed the exams last month. However, some of them were not lucky enough when what they termed as celebrations turned sour.

Students from Ambira Boys High school in Kisumu recorded a video of how they performed a ritual they called academic fire. Most students do this ritual when they complete their national examinations.

Kenyan students’ academic ritual

During this ritual, students burn all their books and other learning materials as they say goodbye to those subjects. However, students from Ambira Boys conducted this ritual as they hurled insults to the former education Minister Fred Matiangi and the current education minister Amina Muhamed.

On the video, they admitted that they cheated on the exams despite the government’s efforts to prevent cheating. That video spread so fast it even reached the president, who condemned the act.

“Shule huisha, shule huisha, tumeiba, tumeiba!”  (“School ends, school ends, we cheated, we cheated!”), one of the students shouted.

What actions did the government take?

The police performed an investigation and found the school that recorded that video. Several students were probed, and the suspects were detained for seven days.  

They later appeared before the magistrate. The DPP, however, did not take charges against them. David Okachi, the prosecutor, said that they had received the files of those minors and that they will do further investigations before charging them.

As the students were released from detention, Gladys Adhiambo, the magistrate, ordered the students to cooperate with the police as they conduct further investigations.


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