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Komorebi Post– For many Kenyans, social media has become more popular than traditional media (radio stations and television channels) to consume news in the fastest possible way. Safaricom, one of leading communications companies in Kenya, accounts for around 10 million subscribers who at least use 3G connections. This has enabled people to film events happening before journalists and police arrive. In 15th, January Ron Ng’eno posted his Twitter goodbye words to his family members in case he doesn’t make it on The Dussit Hotel attack.

Ng’eno was among the first people to alert the nation through the social media about the attack. He was hiding in a bathroom and kept people updated about the gunshots he could hear. He luckily got rescued 10 hours after the attack, he was among the 50 victims who were rescued during the attack.

Remote and online employment in Kenya

Social media’s positives are highly advocated in Kenya, there are even claims that social media is good for your mental health. The Kenyan government has addressed online work “as a driver to the economy of Kenya” and launched an online portal to find jobs.  

online retail shops are growing. Kenyans market their business through Facebook groups and other social media pages. The most common business is online boutiques and other ideas that include farming, cooking, and businesses related to women. Komorebi Post interviewed Joyce Joyzeal, over 40 years old, author and self-publishing coach. Joyzeal has been making a living out of her blog. She explains the importance of social media:

Without social media my business would be an uphill struggle. Social media has made me connect to majority of my clients. Most of my well-paying jobs come from people who find me on LinkedIn. Most of my coaching clients come from my connections on Facebook. however, I get many coaching clients off-line Sometimes people want to ask you questions; but it turns out they are not serious about business or coaching, -they just want to chat & this can waste your time. Learning who to engage with on social media is a balancing act “.

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