Situated in the south east coast of Africa and known for its beaches, lagoons and reefs, Mauritius is a beautiful small island located on the map with about 1,2 million inhabitants residing being a multicultural island with different religion and culture living in peace and harmony.
Mauritius’ government is known to provide free health care in the government hospitals, free education from primary to tertiary level and free transport students, people with disabilities and aged people over 60.
In terms of its economy and tourism sector, the economy of Mauritius is seen to be walking on the good path and it has one of the largest economic zones in the world. Among the tourist destination most preferred, Mauritius comes in the third position. Mauritius is loved for its tropical weather, sea, sun, sand, beaches, food, coastal island along with its multi-cultural people.
The International news have much interest with some of the dark side that is present on the island of Mauritius. This island continues on the chart list on the health side list with diabetes, overweight, obesity and physical inactivity. Mauritians are known to rely much on fast foods outside, junk foods, foods that are rich in salt, sugar.
The dark side’s list does not stop here. Still, it includes include drugs, alcohol, crime, violence, unemployment, poverty, destruction of beaches. Saddened by the daily article on this small island with now the drugs being the main priorities of the government to eradicate it from the country. Security check at the airport is done under strict surveillance for passengers landing on the territory of Mauritius.
Mauritius is known to be a country of modern slaves. People work hard for a meagre salary at the end of the month and some of them do not even spend it wisely or cannot even meet their ends.
Mauritius is also known for its high unemployment percentage. Graduates after universities face a great dilemma in having a fix and secure jobs for themselves. The problems usually involve too many graduates in a particular field resulting in a lack of jobs. At this point of time, this can result to depression and even suicidal tendencies.
At the actual time, some of the beaches of Mauritius have been restricted to tourists only, belonging solely to the hotels situated near those beaches. The lagoons and reefs are being destroyed with the all-waste thrown by some factories and even people residing nearby.
And the dark side can never be the weakness to what hide inside this island!

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