Have you ever heard of the line “mind over matter?” This is a mantra that actually pushes individuals, or groups of individuals to a mentality of an expert. Studies have been conducted to which people are subjected to pain for the researchers to find out just how much pain can an ordinary, healthy individual can take. Other studies have been conducted to test the mind’s power in altering or conditioning the physical status of a person.


The mind is absolutely a wonderful universe that the present humans have not yet fully grasped the nature of. It consists of a person’s whole self, his very identity, and his story untold.


In relation to the physical health of the people, we are constantly bombarded by diagnostic procedures to which is a great deal of help when treating the sick. In a different spectrum of the recovery phase, the “mind” can be a powerful tool to recovery.


There is what we call the Placebo effect. It is a conditioning in which the mind sets the body to identify the environment or state that it makes to be the reality to which the person is living in, and taking full control of. Practically, it is a fake mode of treatment where it basically covers the mind, and instill in it the state of recovery even though there really is nothing happening in the chemical level.


While it may sound dubious and really unreliable, studies have shown effects on patients suffering from depression, chronic pain, sleeping disorders, irritable bowel syndrome, and menopause.


These conditions may sound as abnormalities that are commonly affecting people nowadays, but the fact that it is common makes it truly notable. These affect the person’s capacity to work, to think, and to be productive.


Though the placebo effect is not the recommended way for recovery, we can in ourselves teach the mind to control the body’s state just to feel better. Really, the thought here is that health is not only limited to the physical, but also the capacity to create a healthy state of mind.

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