15 November 2018
Sunday Special

Morning ritual

To set a positive tone for the day, it is important to create a morning ritual. Of course, the word “morning” is interchangeable here. Not everyone works the conventional, “9-5” schedule and so “Morning” means whenever you start your day.  Let’s go there for a moment, shall we?

You wake up, what is the first thing you do? Grab your phone and check your email? How about scroll through Facebook and see how everyone else’s morning is going? You might skip all that by snoozing your alarm so many times you are rushing out the door in 5 min. This ultimately means that we do not give any time to ourselves at the beginning of our day.

Setting aside even five minutes could mean a world of difference on how your day goes. For example, when I wake up in the morning, I always take five minutes to set my intentions for that day. Do I want to make sure my e-book gets finished sometime in the next five years? Of course, I do! But how am I ever going to do that If I do not set intentions (goals) for myself?

Do you ever get half way through your day and think, “Ugh! I forgot I wanted to get blank done today!.” and of course it’s too late, now right? Well, set aside some time for yourself at the start of your day and you are giving yourself that time to remember what you need to do.

Another example of using the five minutes would be repeating positive affirmations. “I am in control of my day.” “ I am deserving of incredible things.” whichever one you choose, make sure that is resonates with you. Some choose Yoga to begin their day, and I must admit this is one of my favorites! Find the poses that work best for you to get you in a full morning swing.

There are sun salutation routines that are a perfect way to greet your day, check them out on YouTube.

So tomorrow when you wake up, do me a favor and do not touch your phone for FIVE minutes! Take that time to check in with yourself and decide what you need to do for that day. Even if I t means it’s a relax day where you accomplish nothing but finishing your favorite Netflix show!

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