14 November 2018
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Most Unique Types of Yoga Classes Offered in NYC

    by Polina
New York City is the city of progress. New Yorkers are the busiest people in the world, but they refuse to forget about balance. New Yorkers eat right, exercise and think positive.
Every day, the life in NYC is unpredictable just like its weather, and New Yorkers realize that they need help to handle stress and the fast tempo of their city. One of the best tools to remain physically and mentally healthy and keep the good balance is yoga.
NYC attracts the best of all; no exceptions for yoga studios. Yoga centers offer variety of yoga styles, meditation classes, breathing techniques and much more.
What are the most extraordinary yoga studios in New York?
1. Jivamukti Yoga center is one of the oldest centers in the United States. It is a spiritual, ethical and physical practice. It includes Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga with 5 central tenets: devotion, scripture, music, meditation and nonviolence. 
2. Yogamaya. The studio offers dynamic yoga classes in the tradition of Vinyasa Yoga.  
3. Greenhouse Holistic Studio is a spa and a yoga center in the heart of Willimasburg, Brooklyn. They offer yoga sessions, holistic beauty therapy, deep tissue and sports massage and shiatsu massage. 
4. Kula Yoga Center follows Vinyasa Yoga steps and adds yin, iyengar and qi gong techniques. To know more about these techniques, you should take a class!
5. Om Factory. It offers classes in variety of styles in yoga and its variations, such as Vinyasa, Aerial Yoga, Aerial Dance, AcroYoga, Circus, Bungee.
6. Yoga Vida. The Yoga Vida Method includes purposeful movements, breathing control, body and mind awareness, and it promotes the individual choice.  
7. Pure Yoga. This is, no doubt, one of the best New York City yoga studios. They offer Hot Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Slow Flow Yoga, Hot Power Yoga, classes for kids, meditation classes and more.
You are welcome to try different types of yoga classes and many different studios. It is important to find the class and the teacher who is right for your needs, pace and level. Yoga is not about getting better fast, it is about reconnecting with yourself and listening to your deep voice. 
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Theia L.J a/k/a PolinaJ is a motivational speaker, life coach, fiction/nonfiction author, yoga instructor and an award-winning musician/producer.

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