14 November 2018
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Musician, Harmonize, Held in a Hotel Due to Unpaid Bills

Harmonize concert Kenya

Harmonize is one of the most celebrated musicians in East Africa, especially in Kenya and Tanzania. His hit, “Happy Birthday” is one of many songs that brought him fame. Being a Tanzanian musician, his music has quickly spread in Kenya. You can hear his music in most clubs, events and town service vehicles.

The most awaited event

Harmonize was expected to attend an event called the Chaget Festival, which was organized in Eldoret Kenya. The main objective of that event was to recognize the common brown jacket loved by the Kalenjin community. The event organizers would then address issues that concern and empower youth.

Early preparations

Harmonize informed his fans about this event and invited them through his social media post.

“I will be performing live in Eldoret on Saturday 3rd November. Tell a friend to tell a friend because I will be there.” Harmonize said through a short video clip

In Eldoret, the event organizers planned it well by informing the public. Many people had prepared to attend. People got the advanced tickets at $5 while the VIP tickets were $20 per person.

Harmonize detained in a hotel

On Friday, Harmonize arrived in Eldoret, and the whole town was crowded as people cheered him. This created more awareness of this event, and many people attended the venue the next Saturday.  He later went to Starbucks hotel where he spent his night.

Sources say that he was detained there when he couldn’t clear all the bills. He was freed later and informed people that he wouldn’t perform since the event organizers had not paid him what they had agreed.

Angry fans

After many hours of waiting at the event, his fans went wild when they heard that he was not going to perform. They started throwing bottles all over and tried to break the tent. The organizers had to escape to save their lives. Some fans were injured during the commotion.

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