Noosa – well known and loved, it’s a spot that deservedly gets a lot of attention. With a chilled vibe year round, beach life rules in this Sunshine Coast seaside destination. The beach is patrolled and often much calmer than others on this stretch of coast, making it a favoured destination for paddleboarding or learning to surf.  Noosa National Park stretches off to the right of the main beach, offering some great scenic walks.

For respite from the sun or some refreshment, Hastings Street runs just behind the beach. Here you can find a great selection of airy fashionable attire or trendy kids’ swimwear. Restaurants offer bright, fresh décor and delicious local cuisine, include local seafood of course. The best way to make the most of the gorgeous setting is to secure a table in one offering views over the sparkling waters of Laguna Bay. Season Restaurant is one such spot, with a menu boasting tasty modern Australian cuisine, utilising local produce and fish to create their menu. A tasty selection of vegetarian dishes are also offered, and the restaurant can be commended for putting real thought and attention into these dishes which are so often a token gesture on the traditionally meat-focussed menus in many restaurants.  While the menu is fairly pricey, the meals have a depth of flavour which elevates them to something really special.

A trip down the road to Noosaville will reveal the beautiful waters of the Noosa River, where numerous companies offer boat hire so that you can explore the waters. You can travel up-river to one of the lakes, which takes around 4 hours return, or can choose to cruise the canals and get a close-up view of the incredible waterfront houses and lifestyles of the rich and famous.

It’s clear that Noosa is a spot where outdoor life rules, and it’s a top stop for a great Australian beach break.

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