15 November 2018
Sunday Special

Positive growth

Hello everyone and welcome back to positive vibe Sundays with Brittney. This week I want to discuss something that is getting in the way of all our happiness and positive growth. Are you ready for it? It is ourselves. The negative self-talk that we give ourselves is what ultimately decides whether we make goals or eve reach them.

It takes just as much energy to motivate yourself as it does to tear yourself down. However, if we are in a constant state of making ourselves feel like we are not good enough then it is much harder to motivate ourselves.  A recent study was done on houseplants and negative feedback, that will drive this idea home.

Two sets of plants were studied; One set being told positive uplifting things while it was starting to grow from a seed. It was given positive music and a calm environment. The other set however, received nothing but negative comments and a harsh environment. Did you know that the positive and negative decided on how well the plant flourished?

So, the set that was in a negative environment and being told it would never grow, did not actually grow. The set in the positive environment being encouraged to grow actually flourished and became beautiful plants. This puts into perspective that if we only knew how much negative self-talk was dragging us down and keeping us there we would think twice before we did it.

I am here to tell you, this is your sign and…

That means it is time to start being patient with ourselves and loving ourselves again. We need to check in with ourselves more often like we do old friends. How are you feeling? What do you need?  Be sure that when you are checking in with yourself that you are patient and accepting. For example, if someone asked how you were and you answered hungry, and they said,” Well you eat too much anyway, no food for you”, You probably wouldn’t tell them how you are feeling ever again right?

Then let’s stop doing that to ourselves!

Once again, I hope you have a positive vibe week, see you next Sunday!


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