On Monday, a circuit breaker malfunctioned at a Rocky Mountain Power substation and caused a large power outage. Hall said a circuit breaker that “did not operate correctly” at Rocky Mountain Power’s Oquirrh substation, located at 6000 West Old Bingham Highway, caused the outage. In all, more than 57,000 customers lost power for nearly two hours until the issue was fixed, Rocky Mountain Power spokesman Spencer Hall said in a statement. The outages were reported throughout the Salt Lake Valley, but most centered on South Jordan, West Jordan, and Harriman. The outage started at 12:17 p.m. and was fully restored at 1:58 p.m. Restoration of service began within 30 minutes as engineers and power dispatchers worked to bring the affected substations back online in an orderly way. This malfunction affected seven substations in the southwest Salt Lake Valley. Further investigation is underway to more completely understand the details of the outage. Multiple power outages affected Rocky Mountain Power customers throughout Salt Lake Valley on Monday afternoon. A Rocky Mountain Power spokesperson said they experienced a transmission line failure, which affected several different substations in the valley. According to South Davis Metro Fire, plumes of smoke were reportedly seen from refineries in the area. A “power bump” was responsible for the fire. The equipment failure has been identified and crews are working effortlessly to bring the power back online, according to a Rocky Mountain Power spokesperson. He said the fire affected seven substations in the southwest part of the valley. The cause of the malfunction remained under investigation late Monday afternoon, but Hall said there was no evidence of sabotage or tampering. The power outage affected homeowners in the area and also disrupted trains at the southwestern end of the red line route. A bus bridge was set up between the Jordan Valley and Daybreak stops because the trains, which run on overhead electric lines, didn’t have any power in the area, a spokesperson for the Utah Transit Authority said. The trains were back up in running between those stops shortly before 2 p.m. The outage affected multiple traffic signals across the valley and impacted some schools in the Jordan School District, according to district officials. However, classes were not affected by the outage. It lost power to a high-voltage transmission line that feeds multiple substations in the Salt Lake Valley. Rocky Mountain Power said power restoration will be on a rolling basis. The Jordan School District said the power outage is affecting numerous schools in the district, however, classes and lunch will continue as scheduled.

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