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Komorebi Post– You have probably read about how social media is adversely affecting people’s lives and, to a certain degree, privacy and all that. But for me, personally, social media has been a blessing in disguise. My experience with social media primarily started when I was in high school, but it was always restricted by my parents who didn’t trust Mark Zuckerbergs world. My ‘real’ exposure to social media came when I came to North Cyprus to see. I think I speak for all the people of North Cyprus -and maybe, who knows? I might be speaking for South Cyprus as well- when I say that social media is a blessing for us.

In case you don’t know, Cyprus is divided into two parts: The Republic of Cyprus and the Turkish Republic of Cyprus. History of how that came about differs from person to person and I’ve been told that I’m biased, so I will not go into that. I’m living in the Turkish Republic, which is also referred to as North Cyprus, and we are a sparsely populated country. I’m from Morphou and we probably have a population of fewer than twenty thousand people.

The nearest city from my town is forty-five minutes away, the hospital is twenty minutes far in a neighboring town. It’s peaceful and so beautiful but you’ll find that you need to travel a lot to get things done. As you can imagine, we depend on social media for a lot of things. Social media helps us explore all our options, to connect with one another and to advertise our services on Facebook groups.

Transportation is expensive, and most people depend on bus services to get around so we really can’t afford to spend a lot on billboards and things like that because there’s a high chance that no one’s going to see it. So, in Cyprus, we use Facebook pages and groups to adverse our products. We use social media to look up time bus timings, gym schedules and more. We even have Facebook groups to help us connect to one another when we’re moving houses, selling furniture and more.

Life without social media on this island would be horrible. Social media is how we get by. When we’re looking for events to go to, we turn to Facebook. When we’re looking for traffic updates, we turn to Facebook. We even turn to Facebook for weather updates because there’s always going to be that one friend who regularly puts up the weather forecast.

So, when the rest of the world complains about how social media negatively affects them, I look at my life in Cyprus. I’ve been here for more than two years now and my dependence on social media has grown. When asking people around if they think social media is affecting us negatively, most of the answers I got was that it’s not. Either North Cyprus has cracked the code to living in harmony with social media, or it’s just the necessity of it which has made us accept it so willingly.

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