In the Telangana region, a 23 year-old killed his father, Medipally Krishna,  by attacking him with a rod. This happened when the father refused the increasing demands of the son.  The son’s apparent greed resulted in having the blood of his father on his hands.

Did love of money overtake love of family?

Krishna retired from the waterworks department in June. At the time, he got 6 lakh as retirement benefits. He also sold his land and gained 10 lakhs. Krishna had three kids: one son and two daughters, so he kept two lakhs with him and distributed the rest equally among the kids.

Even so, Krishna’s son, Tarun, kept demanding more money. But when the father denied him, the three kids planned for Tarun to kill his father. Tarun attacked Krishna with a rod, knocking him unconscious. After the incident, Krishna was brought to the hospital, but he was already dead.

The Telangana police have registered the case under section 302, which stands for murder under Indian penal code. They have taken the three accused persons into their custody.

The case is not just the story of murder but also the humanity that is dying day by day.

Neha Jain

An Indian writer who has an eye for peoples' interest.