Disability can be a physical, social or psychological condition of a human body and mind. Some disabilities can be seen with a naked eye, but some can not. A person with disability has every right to do whatever he/she wants without being stereotyped.
I am a woman with cerebral palsy and a post graduate from the university of delhi.
There is a famous stereotype that a person who is on a wheelchair is good for nothing. I believe that everyone has some kind of capacity to Think for themselves. I have heard people say that you should not think of what others think about you, you should believe in your own potential. I think that sometimes you really need to change people perception about you. That is how people will learn and grow. This is what I feel as a person with disability.
I walk down the street everybody look at me with pity in their eyes. I can’t understand why is that?? Just because I am on a wheelchair? Does this wheelchair define my weakness. I don’t think so.. people just have a wrong perspective towards a wheelchair. A wheelchair never defines helplessness . A wheelchair always defines the strength to move on and move ahead.
People always ask me do you understand? Can you type on your own..? Can you do this or that?? This is all because of the mind set we have that if someone looks different .. they’re different but that is not the case every time. Sometimes the things we can’t see can be true. I have personally made many friends, who didn’t understood me and my disability,, when we first met. It was after having a long conversation with me, that they realized that somebody can have a disabled body and a sharp mind.
I like changing people’s stereotypes about my disability.

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