Gene Atkins has been identified as the suspect that led a L.A. police car chase on Saturday, July 21, 2018. It led to a mid-chase gunfight with police. The 28-year-old Los Angeles native is the suspect in a Saturday run of events that not only left his grandmother dead, but also the Manager of the Trader Joe’s Grocery Store in the Silver Lake neighborhood in Los Angeles.
Gene Atkins is being held in custody in lieu of a $2-million bail in accordance with information from Officer Drake Madison, an L.A. Police Department spokesperson.
Newly appointed Los Angeles Police Chief, Michel Moore, stated Sunday, July 22, 2018 that one of the victims was shot and killed while trying to exit the grocery store during the hostage situation. The victim at the Trader Joe’s location has been identified as Melyda Corado, a manager at the grocery retailer.
L.A. police sources report that Gene Atkins was involved in an argument earlier in the day with his grandmother at her home. The argument is said to have been over a young female that was present at the location. Police have not yet discovered what the relationship is between the young woman present during the argument and Atkins, himself.
During the argument, Atkins shot his grandmother seven times as reported to the public by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. The young woman who was present during the altercation between Atkins and his grandmother, suffered a head injury. As of now, police have not releases what type of head wound occurred.
Police did find the suspect’s vehicle in Hollywood, by using the information transmitted from its anti-theft device, then the chase began. Atkins shot out his own rear window of the vehicle. The chase then ended at the Trader Joe’s grocery store when the suspect crashed into a light post just outside.
A gunfight ensued which led to the suspect being shot in the left arm and then running into the store. The store was filled with dozens of local shoppers and employees, who were now trapped inside. The gunman did allow some of the innocent hostages to leave the store during the standoff, while others took advantage of distractions and proceeded to sneak out. One of the hostages, Cyrani Ackerman stated to the L.A. Times, that she was on her way with her daughter to the check-out when she heard the screeching of tires which sent them into a panic. As the gunfire erupted, customers began running to the back of the store to hide in restrooms or behind any displays that would allow for cover.
Atkins himself, stayed near the front of the store pacing with employees held at gunpoint. Once he realized that hostages were fleeing through any means necessary, the armed Atkins sent for all of the remaining hostages to be round up. While the store was beginning to covered in more blood, Atkins continued to speak to Los Angeles Police. Atkins was heard, demanding to speak to his grandmother who he had already shot seven times earlier in the day. Atkins was heard yelling to the police that Melyda Corado’s death was the fault of police.
After a three-hour standoff, Atkins finally surrendered. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti reported on Saturday that the suspect handcuffed himself inside the store before surrendering.
Atkin’s grandmother was said to be in critical condition.
The young woman who sustained the head injury is currently listed as in good condition. Los Angeles Coroner’s office has not yet released any information on whether the store manager’s death was result of shots fired from the suspect or Los Angeles Police.

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