15 November 2018
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Syria, an ethnical ideology(part2)

The word aristocratic, is driven from the Greek language, aristokratikos which means:
“government, rule of the best”
An elite, that gradually faded due to many elements, strictly speaking, the vicious combat between the feudal lords (as they called themselves aristocrats), and the working peasants, had eventually led to the elimination of a nominal aristocrat elite.

The notion of aristocrat in Syria was and still associated with a tribal fame; an ancestor’s legacy.

Essentially, most of the Syrian rich families are aristocrats.

Some families inherited an elegant rank from their ancestors, whereas other families worked hard and earned a proper fortune that appointed them as the new nobles of the Syrian society.

The downfall of a descending elite is no news, in fact, it is an outcome of centuries of injustice and social segregation, that awareness of individualism has dominated a multicultural community of hundreds of ethnics and religious groups; yet ‘aristocrats’ is the one category that has an absolute dominance over almost every aspect of Syria.

Political influence, economic power, and international connections.
Such a pride has left the Syrian community divided and torn between patriotism and tribal/ethnic loyalty.

Despite the many outstanding efforts by a few promising political and intellectual Syrian movements, struggling through the history, since the early years of the twentieth century, desperately tried to win the loyalty of Syrians and directed them through a path of nationalism, yet their efforts were doomed to a great failure.

One of the significant or let me say the main reason of such a dilemma was and still the chronical social deviation, represented by a vicious competition for power and money; a tendency to rule and a common sense of superiority.

The influence of multi-ethnic ancestors is one of the major factors that led to blaze a constant unrelenting civil conflict .

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Aurora Dawn

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