14 November 2018
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Tallest building competition getting tighter in Middle East

Building skyrocketing towers has always been a craze with countries in order to attain the title of tallest building in the world. The competition has just gotten tighter as Saudi Arabia and Dubai are competing hard to build the tallest building in Middle East.
Dubai is constructing ‘The Tower’ at Dubai Creek Harbor which is expected to be completed in 2020. The Tower is 3,045ft (928m) tall as with an effective cost of $1 billion and be completed in 3 years. It is also expected to gain the status of the world’s tallest building which was previously owned by Burj Khalifa also present in Dubai (built in 2010).
Although Dubai has, for quite some time enjoyed the status of the country with tallest building in the world but it has got its competition in the region now as Saudi Arabia is also constructing ‘The Jeddah Tower’ expected to be completed in 2020. ‘The Jeddah Tower’ will be 236 feet taller than the Dubai’s ‘The Tower’. Although if Dubai wants to enjoy the status of building another tallest building in the world for quite some time, then it will have to be completed before The Jeddah Tower is inaugurated.
Emaar, the real state giant is building ‘The Tower’ who previously constructed Burj Khalifa. Swiss-Spanish architect, Santiago Calatrava Valls has designed it and it will feature the Pinnacle Room providing 360 view of the Emirates. Boutique hotel, rooms, restaurants, vertical gardens will be part of the tower and almost 20 floors have been reserved for that.
‘The Jeddah Tower’ on the other hand will cost $1.23 billion. It was marked to open in 2018 but its inaugurating date has been shifted twice and now it is expected to open in 2020.
Dubai is extremely focused on building skyrocketing buildings as it is a hub to 65 high-rises buildings and completed many in record time. High rising buildings have become a symbol of this Middle Eastern country attracting millions of tourists and the country offers futuristic skyscrapers.

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