14 November 2018
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The Balfour Declaration – Responsible for Upheaval of Palestine

Balfour declaration

The Balfour declaration, which was issued on Nov. 2, 1917 is a most controversial and disturbing declaration, which has changed the history of Palestine. The provocative declaration has impacted the peace of Palestine and resulted in the mass execution and displacement of their people.

Balfour declaration
4th November 2017 London United Kingdom:- Pro Palestine placards at a rally against the 1917 Balfour declaration

Palestine sacrificed for the sake of Zionists

It was a dream come true for the Zionist who was aiming to establish a Jewish state in Palestine when the British government promised to make a national home for the Jewish people in Palestine. It was a direct action to give Palestine away to Israel –  without asking the people of Palestine what, exactly, they wanted. They should have ensured that any decision would be applicable to only one state or country. It shouldn’t be good to one and bad to another. It was a direct attack on the freedom of the Palestinian people.

Anniversary of the signing away of Palestine to Israel

The Balfour declaration marks its 101 year anniversary. It was a letter, of only 67 words by British authorities. It is not to be celebrated because of the injustice it has burdened the people of Palestine with. And it continues impacting them today.

Balfour Declaration
4th November 2017 London United Kingdom:-Pro Palestine demonstrators march through London against the Balfour declaration of 1917 and the on going Israeli occupation

The Balfour declaration, which was written on Nov. 2, 1917, was made to please the Jews of Russia and America to avoid a big disaster during World War I. This disruptive declaration is the precursor to the establishment of the Israeli State and 100 years of conflict between Israel and Palestine. The world is still continuously witnessing the repercussions of this declaration. There is no doubt that this Balfour declaration has allowed the Jewish minority to gain dominance in Palestine at the expense of the Palestinian people, who are not allowed to speak for their freedom.

Palestine suffers still

This bizarre Balfour declaration has made an offering of Palestine to create a new home for the Jewish people. But how can they make this statement by making Palestinian people homeless? And today Palestine is going through a brutal experience as a result of this biased decision.

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