Throughout the years, we have always been busy around the world. Each person individually focused in their own spheres, giving their all into working just to earn for their work’s worth. We cannot seem to avoid that there are people termed as “workaholics.” It definitely cannot be helped as everybody has their own needs, especially if the only way they can meet those needs is to work, work, and work.
A great substance for coping to such work load and stress is caffeine. And the way you get such stimulant – from coffee of course. Truly, coffee has been the main source of caffeine in the world. Starbucks, for instance shares around 39.8% of the market shares of coffee chains industry in the US alone. They harbor 27, 339 stores all around the world; 13,930 stores in the U.S., 2936 stores in China, and 951 stores in the United Kingdom.
Caffeine has made its way practically to the bottom of the food chain, being the most easily acquired stimulant and the most commonly used among others. Anybody anywhere can practically get it not only from coffee, but in many soft drink products as well as in energy drinks.
Because it is a stimulant, it allows the body to perform more, achieve heights the body has never reached before, and this pushes the body to its very limits. Talk about a second wind, this wonder drug per se, is a marvel to behold.
Not entirely as potent as drugs, caffeine is also be deemed to be addictive. Addiction does not only come with the use of drugs, but it is entirely a state of mentality where the body becomes conditioned to acquiring certain substances first in order to perform in its conditioned working stamina.
Not to remove you of your love for coffee and work, but this content is only here to warn and remind you to love your body and just work to your body’s limits.

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