14 November 2018

Tiny Home Families: A New Trend in Minimalist Living

Tiny Home

Tiny homes are all the rage now, and many singletons and couples are ditching large homes for minimalist spaces. But what about families?

While most families prefer to have lots of space for spreading out while raising kids, others are choosing the tiny home route. Whether it’s a temporary move for a long-term adventure, or a more permanent move to save money and the environment, tiny home families are making small spaces work for them.

Advantages of tiny home living for families

There are different types of tiny homes, and advantages and disadvantages of living in one with a family. A tiny home is normally defined as a living space that measures less than 400 square feet. While that may seem incredibly small for a family, there are definite advantages to choosing to go tiny.

Kim and Raul live in a 365 square foot home with their three children. Advantages of their lifestyle include saving money ad more time spent together as a family. For Hari and Karl and their two children, living tiny means living simply and debt-free while saving for a “right-sized house” without a mortgage.

Disadvantages of tiny home living for families

Disadvantages of tiny home living include tiny homes being illegal in some states and provinces (though there are ways to live tiny legally), diminished privacy, and initial upfront costs. However, most tiny home families believe that the advantages far outweigh the downsides.

Thinking of going tiny?

If the tiny house movement appeals to you and your family, researching zoning bylaws would be your first step. These are different for every municipality, so be sure to check with your city or town. The second step will be to purchase or build your tiny home, decide whether to store or give away/sell your belongings, and finally, to move in. There are many steps involved in moving a family to a tiny space, so be sure to start with research, a plan, and a budget.

As with any other living space, tiny houses have advantages and disadvantages. For families who want more time together and don’t mind living in close quarters, tiny living can be a great option—as long as your municipality allows it.


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