14 November 2018
Ireland World News

Two Men Charged in Wexford- €2m Cash Seized

A man from County Meath and another from County Dublin are in custody after charges were laid in relation to €2m in cash that was found on the weekend by gardaí.

Both men were brought to Wexford District Court this morning.

Dublin native Glen Power, 29, is facing two charges. One charge is for allegedly handing over a large cash sum of €505,000 in a Wexford town car park and a second charge is for having possession of an additional €500,000 that was found in the attic when the police raided his residence.

County Meath native Bernard Joyce, 44, faces charges of possessing property that the gardaí feel resulted from proceeds of criminal activity. His charges are in connection with €1m cash that the police recovered at his residence in 20 bundles of €50,000 each.

Charges that were laid for both men come under the Money Laundering Act.  In Ireland, Money laundering is seen as a very serious offence, especially since the Criminal Justice Act was passed in 1994.

The court heard that when both men were charged, they had nothing to say and that they gave no reply. While there was no application made for bail for Mr. Joyce, there was an application made for bail for Mr. Power. The state however, contested this application for bail and Judge Gerard Haughton made a ruling that he would not be granting bail.

Currently, both men have been remanded in custody, without bail.

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