14 November 2018

Vaping Trend Continues in Philippines Despite Recent Accident

Vaping is a term that is getting its limelight in the Philippines. For quite a while, it has been a trend that is constantly rising, and shows no sign of it receding. According to a study conducted among Filipinos, a statistical finding of seven out of 10 Filipinos are inclined and favored vaping versus the conventional cigarette smoking.

A 17 year old teenager was caught in an accident when his vape exploded in his mouth while using the device. It was suspected that the vape exploded due to defective batteries, which he had only recently replaced his old ones with.

According to interviews, batteries that do not match the vape kit were thought to be the main cause of the explosion. Video footage of the after effects can be found in this video.

Exploding tendencies

Are explosions a common accident with vape kits? Apparently, upon further inspection, the real cause for the explosion is a problem with the battery of the vape.

Experts and those who sell the kits absolutely give warning about buying equipment that is class-A or sub-standard, as they have greater tendency for poor performance quality.

Considered a safe alternative by many

The number of vape users will only continue to rise as this is commonly considered a safer alternative than cigarettes. Along with the lax nature of its use among teenagers, a single accident such as this will likely only spark curiosity and caution for a few months and will surely revert back to its rise in Filipino society.

vaping tools
Photo Credit: Jhon Ocampo

Many still choose the conventional

An interview with a long time smoker stated that he does prefer smoking the sticks rather than the popular e-cigarettes. “They are practically just cheaper,” he says, “and there is definitely something better with the traditional smoke than the flavored ones.”

It seems that preference will always be a major factor with people and their inclinations with vape.

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