We have always heard this saying “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”, yet some women still teach their daughters to take care of their husband’s stomach to make them be satisfied with them. But is this really a true way? A saying some women convinced of. But even consider it as a rule to build their daily bases on it to make the food that their husband desires to be pleased with her, but it is an old saying that the wives must be warned from it.
The nutrition research has proven that this method is the quick way to help them get rid completely of the man. If they fed them a fatty foo such as fried and roasted food, butter-red eggs and stuffed chips, as well as candy and cream. These all kinds of food increase the level of cholesterol and fat in the blood to a dangerous level, even to a very dangerous level.
This lead the poor husbands to heart disease, which is an adhesive on the walls of blood vessels cause constriction. As it is the first step for clots that close the blood vessels and then stiffen, leading to the end of many diseases such as atherosclerosis which is known among people. The risk here is greater when this occurs in the coronary artery that feed the heart muscle and it will be a completed disaster when this person gets heart diseases, which is undoubtedly occupies a prominent place in the list of deadly diseases in civilized countries.
The most obvious example of this is the American people, because they eat the fattiest foods, so they are among the most vulnerable people to heart disease. The most obvious example of this is the American people, because they eat the fattiest foods, so they are among the most vulnerable people to heart diseases. At the same time, these diseases are rare among Chinese and Eskimo people.
So after we become aware of these things. We must mention one of the points that many of the housewives overlook. These are juices of fresh vegetables and fruits. Most families overlook the value of these juices, although they are considered the main source of the supply of vitamins and minerals. This is a wrong habit that the housewife should pay attention to. One cup of juice is a balanced diet.
Certainly, we have now a great knowledge of food and its preparations and instead of saying, “food is the way to man’s heart”, I would like to ask what is the way to the health of men and their safety!
Prevails among women the habit of preparing and making meals in a random and unstudied way, without any food planning leading to unbalanced meals do not contain all the nutrients, in terms of neither quantity nor quality. Let us give an example, here most home-cooked meals consist of a single nutrient, such as carbohydrates, bread, rice, pasta, and potatoes with a little oil, but this is not an integral meal. This meal should be supplemented by adding some proteins, fruit juices, or vegetables to make the meal balanced and nutritionally integrated.
We conclude here with what Mac Farland said:
“If you knew clearly what balanced food means and what it contains, and how you get full health from what you eat, you are a great person”
Therefore, the normal person has unclear knowledge about balanced food. Moreover, if you eat the right food you will be able to keep the health laws and implement them in digestion, absorption, rest, sport exercise, moderate strength, as well as proper breathing.

We must consider these points to maintain our health and the health of our spouses and children.

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