19 November 2018
Sunday Special

Welcome Again to Positive Sunday With Brittney!

This week I want to touch on our energies. Everything on this planet gives off a vibrational energy of some kind. This energy can be higher (positive) or lower (negative). Human bodies give off a lot of energy especially from the soul, often times we find that this energy is low.
Has anyone ever walked into a room you were in and changed the entire feeling of that room without even saying a word? This is just one example of having a radiating negative energy. Throughout our day we come in contact with these energies and if we are not careful, they will attach themselves to us. Have you ever had such a bad day that nothing seems to go right? That is an example of the negative energies that we allow to stick to us.

So how do we remove these energies? I have found that healing crystal work can help our subconscious mind separate from these energies. When working with crystals, one must cleanse them in white sage smoke or by full moon light. After the cleansing, we have to set an intention for our crystal so that it may better serve us. For example, Obsidian is a wonderful protective stone that keeps negative energies from clinging to us.

In order to set our intention for obsidian we would hold it in our palm, close our eyes, and think about how we want it to clear the negative energies from us. Remember to cleanse the crystal after a little while as the energies will now cling themselves to it. There are plenty different crystals to help with all sorts of energy imbalance.

With the Yoga work from last week and the healing crystal work from this week, you should be feeling a bit more positive and backed by the entire universe. Be sure to check back in next week as we discuss mindful techniques to use throughout your day!

Positive Vibes Always,


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